Missed Connections: PetCo Crush & Red Headed Hottie

Happy Valentine's Day from Woodland Hills Patch. Here's our attempt to help Cupid along.

Ever wondered what would have happened had you just said "hello" and initiated a conversation with him? Or had just asked for her number? Not often, but occasionally, you get a second chance.

Craigslist offers a chance to establish a connection with someone with whom you've crossed paths, though it takes both a person to post a note and the right person to read it.

It can happen. After all, one Woodland Hills poster said, though he admits it sounds "corny," "I check these missed connections several times a week . . . Whenever I see a woman in the mall or the grocery store that I think may have smiled at me or if we did a little innocent flirting in the checkout line, I will keep my fingers crossed that maybe she'll post on here. For some reason I just think that meeting that way would make a great story."

And at Patch, we love a good story! So, while odds are slim, we thought we'd help Cupid out and post some lost connections specific to Woodland Hills. You can find the whole Los Angeles list here, but note: listings can get racy.

Woodland Hills runner: Beatiful stranger running daily south of the boulevard, I see you with and without your dog. Hope your interior is as sculpted as your exterior. What kind of dog are you caring for? (so I know it's you.)

You were working at Woodland Hills Petco: I came into Petco at 2 p.m. and bought some cat food. On the receipt your name starts with a D (I won't burn you here). You were at the register and offered to help me out. You complimented me for my Yoda hoodie and we had small talk. You are absolutely beautiful!!! When you were trying to scan my coupons on my phone, you accidentally swiped to the previous image ... On the off chance you do see this, I'd love to talk to you :)  Hope this reaches you, D!

Redhead Trader Joe's: Saw you in line around 6:30 tonight (Monday) at Traders Joe's in Woodland Hills. You: tall, athletic redhead with athletic clothing and black jacket. You were standing in line and were a sight! Was going to stand in back of you to chat, but that would have been too creepy since other lines where shorter. I know you saw me (tall Latin guy in black coat) looking, and, had I not been sick as a dog, I would have, but I wanted to see if you'd be interested in coffee sometime? BTW I liked the ring on your left hand side, what color was it?


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