What's that Smell? Officials Seeking Source of Rotten Egg Odor

If you smell it, contact the Air Quality Management District.

There's a smell lingering in various parts of the San Fernando Valley, and it has the Los Angeles Fire Department and Air Quality Management District scratching their heads.

Reports came throughout the morning to the Los Angeles Fire Department, and spokesman Barry Humphrey reported, "A foul rotten egg-like odor has been sensed across vast expanses of Southern California since early this morning."

At first, it was linked solely to the Valley, but it could be area-wide. It is not necessarily linked to the Los Angeles River, but longtime Studio City resident Rich Addams contacted Patch about it.

"It smelled a little sulphuric, maybe like something died," said the resident, pointing to the area near the Tujunga Avenue bridge in Studio City. "I smelled it once this weekend, I think Sunday, but there are all kinds of smells coming from that wash."

Humphrey said the fire department is communicating with the AQMD executive staff to figure out what is causing people to hold their noses.

"There is no specific hazard associated with the odor," Humphrey said. "There is no need to call 911 to report this widespread odor."

The fire department will relay any information as soon as they find more information.

If you smell something like that, contact the AQMD at: (909) 396-2000

Wayne September 10, 2012 at 07:53 PM
I smell the rotting dead bodies of the innocent children killed by Israel and America. This horrible stench has been around for a long time. The smell clings to the bodies of visiting Israeli's, many of which come to the San Fernando Valley where I live.
Spunky1 September 10, 2012 at 08:00 PM
Yes! Awful sewage-type smell in the area of Whitsett & Victory. The odor is still lingering.
Mike Szymanski September 10, 2012 at 11:07 PM
I have had a half-dozen calls about this smell in different parts of Studio City, and I encourage you all to call the number that is at the bottom of the story, please. That's why it is there. That is the best place to call.


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