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Second Medical Marijuana Initiative to go to City Council

The proposal seeks to impose a $60 business tax on every $1,000 worth of marijuana sold in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles City Clerk announced Monday that proponents of a ballot measure aimed at imposing a $60 business tax on every $1,000 worth of marijuana sold in Los Angeles had gathered enough signatures on a qualifying petition—and that the Los Angeles City Council is required to submit the proposal for a public vote.

Because the measure contains tax provisions adopted by voters under “Measure M” in the March 8, 2011, elections, the City Council “must submit the proposed ordinance to a vote of the electorate at the next election at which all the qualified voters of the City are entitled to vote,” City Clerk June Lagmay said.

The announcement by Lagmay comes five days after a separate initiative also garnered enough signatures to be sent to the City Council. With that measure, which would create an ordinance limiting the number of marijuana storefronts in the city to 100, operating under stricter regulations, the council has three options: Adopt the ordinance; call a special election; or place it on the ballot of the city election on May 21.

Both petitions gathered the mandatory 41,138 signatures, following a random sampling procedure in which at least 5 percent of all the signatures were examined, according to the city clerk.

The City Council voted in July 2012 to ban all storefront dispensaries but reversed its decision three months later when medical marijuana supporters gathered enough signatures to repeal the ban. The Los Angeles City Attorney's office last year proposed a "Limited Immunity Ordinance" that would exempt a certain number of marijuana clinics from enforcement, in accordance with a plan proposed by Councilman Paul Koretz.

The City Council is expected to address the proposal to tax marijuana clinics before Jan. 30, according to the city clerk’s statement.

John January 08, 2013 at 08:05 PM
Fair and equal treatment under the law. Open, competitive, free markets. Liberty. Freedom of expression, conscience, association. Security in our homes. These are planks of our constitution, and no local restrictions should circumvent our right to choose for ourselves what to put in our bodies. Marijuana is produce and herbal medicine, two categories not usually taxed or regualted. Let the markets regulate themselves, and let businesses be profitable and thrive. With liberty and justice for all, forever and ever amen. The neighborhood motto should not be "welcome to Eagle Rock. Now please leave."
patient advocate January 09, 2013 at 09:05 AM
Clearly neither is perfecto, However the angelinos does NOT set up a monolpys, and allows for fair entry and a permit granted on merits .ASA has been attempting to put in place restrictive permiting processes for paying clients for years and this restricts safe access,keeps prices high and does harm to patients as a whole. Take it to voters, not lobbyist.respect patients rights!
Patrick Duff January 13, 2013 at 10:24 PM
Now with the second initiative, sponsered by David Welch, the lawyer who represents hundreds of collectives without any insurance, I almost had a stroke when I read it. It actually states that all collectives must be authorized by state and FEDERAL law. Yup, it says, FEDERAL law. Not once, not twice, but several times. It also gives full power back to the city council to ammend the ordnance by a majority vote. Now I don't know any other voters initiative that has sought to take the power away from the legislature only to hand it right back to them on a platter. It goes against the point of a voters initiatve. Just read section 5 of the initiative, the last paragraph, which most never bother reading. It clearly states what I claim. Both initiatives are self serving, one serving the interests of the small group of owners, the other serving the devious nature of David Welch's plan to do the dirty work of the city attorney and feds. If they wanted to really make a difference they would have decriminalized marijuana in this city and taken a step forward like washington and Colorado have done, not create more of an impedement to freeing the most useful plant on the earth.


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